The greatest Michael Cera bit on the Internet

by panamericanas

Screenshot via

If you haven’t seen the hybrid music-video-cum-comedy-short vignette directed by Roman Coppola you’re missing out on one of the greatest onscreen appearances of Michael Cera’s career. The video is a 22-minute Arcade Fire promo shot mostly in Montréal but I’m not interested in that part of the video. What I want to talk about is the last minute of Coppola’s short, the only part of of the video you need to see (besides Zach Galifianakis and Bill Hader in space), is the Knight on the Rim intro. It begins with Cera introducing himself as Grandmaster Mike, the host of a chess tutorial show. But I’m not going to summarize the video, you can click on the link below the screenshot and see for yourself. It’s subtle and gold. The coffee cup on the board? Standard and alternative valuation systems? The rook love? Genius.